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Blinds Austral

Designer Blinds Supplier Near Austral, Sydney

A wall that has a window, but no coverings of any kind look pretty dull. It’s 2022, and people have so many options when it comes to window coverings in general. One such option would be window blinds that are readily available in the market. You must have heard about these window treatments from your colleague or dear friend. Or perhaps you might have seen them installed by your neighbours or relatives around Austral, Sydney. 

Truth be told, window blinds are the perfect solution for anyone looking for affordable yet high-quality window coverings. They give you much better light control, a tighter privacy setting and a much more satisfying look overall. Besides, Spectrum Blinds can supply these window coverings to your home at a price that beats every other competitor in the market! 

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Spectrum Blinds - Your Most Reliable Supplier In Austral

Window blinds are seen as an excellent investment, especially if you own the house. You don’t have to remove them often for cleaning and maintenance. And you can easily open or close the blinds with the help of cords attached to them. Even home decorators will suggest you buy these window blinds if you want to spruce up the interiors of your house.


Spectrum Blinds has been serving the entire Sydney area with top-quality blinds, curtains, and plantation shutters supply for many years. Be it large windows, small windows or internal glass doors that you want coverings for. We have everything you need, and that too at an unbeatable market price!


Spectrum Blinds brings the complete package when it comes to window blinds in Austral, Sydney. Not only do we supply premium-quality window coverings, but we install them too. So, you never have to go through any inconvenience whatsoever after signing up with Spectrum Blinds!

Massive Collection Of Designer Blinds For Sale

Not many stores have a huge catalogue as we have here at Spectrum Blinds. We understand that different people have unique tastes and requirements when it comes to window coverings. Some people are only looking from the aesthetics point of view. In comparison, many others are searching for blinds that offer a great deal of functionality once they are installed. 


Thankfully, Spectrum Blinds have window coverings for every kind of requirement that you can buy at an affordable cost. 

Vertical Blinds: You will find vertical slats of either plastic or aluminium material in this type of window blind. They usually come with two cords at each side of the covering and thus, are easy to open or close as per your need.  


Venetian Blinds: Now picture vertical blinds, but only horizontally. That’s right. These are known as Venetian blinds and are the most popular choice when it comes to window treatments. 


Pleated Blinds: Want to see an accordion-like shape forming on your window? Then pleated shades should be your choice going forward. These blinds are generally manufactured using paper or fabric! 


Panel Blinds: As the name suggests, you can move the panels to one side or the other depending on your needs. The entire covering moves in one direction; thus, these blinds are usually installed upon patio doors! 


Aside from the ones listed above, we have a myriad of options for sale. Spectrum Blinds has a massive collection of zebra blinds, media blinds, picture blinds, curtains, etc. 


Why Come To Spectrum Blinds?


  • 100% Australian-owned company. 

  • Factory Direct - Wholesale Rates 

  • Quick Turnaround - Installation Within 2 Weeks

  • Extensive Collections Of Blinds, Plantation Shutters & Curtains

  • 50% Off On Our Blinds. 

  • Branded Windows Blinds For Sale 

  • 5 Years Warranty 


Call us today!

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