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Blinds Box Hill 

Different Kinds of Blinds You Can Purchase from Us

To describe it in simple terms, a blind is a way of covering your windows. Blinds are one of the most popular options for windows in Box Hill. When you reach out to us, we offer you distinct kinds of blinds. As one type of blind wouldn't suit universally, we have made several types of blinds available to our customers. Let's look at all of them one by one: 


  1. The most common type of blinds happens to be roller blinds. It can be described as a single piece of fabric that fits into the top of your window frame. It is wrapped around a casing and is easily available when you order it from us. It can operate with the help of a pull cord which is located at the bottom of the blind. 

  2. Zebra blinds are another useful option that you can purchase from us. It is not always that you would want the same level of privacy, light control and insulation in your room. When you go for these blinds, you can have that versatile option that provides you privacy and light control according to your wants and mood. 

  3. The next option in front of you is panel blinds. It is a modern variation of vertical blinds for you. If people are wishing to have an amazingly simple option at their place, they can always consider this type of blind. No matter if you need it for your office or your home, we will supply the best kind of material to you and make sure that it proves to be durable as well.

  4. We have talked about panel blinds, but we make vertical blinds available to our customers at the same point in time. As far as an affordable choice is concerned, there's no better option than vertical blinds in Box Hill or any other place in the world. The best part is that you can easily buy it from us. It can be a recess fit or face fit. 

  5. We also make available media blinds to everyone who needs it. Most people would look for this option to get a complete light blockage at their place. If you don't want any light in your room, we can supply this type of blind to you, and we are sure that it will block light completely. 

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Take Our Services to Install Blinds 

  • We will provide you with the most authentic Australian-made products you expect from a supplier in Box Hill. If you don't want to include some other choice, you must try our blinds that are manufactured within the boundaries of this country. 

  • We have got a wide variety available in front of you. We understand that your needs are not going to be all the same. Some people may prefer vertical blinds, while some might look forward to roller blinds. Regardless of you want, you should choose our services as we can supply all popular types of blinds to you. 

  • We make our products available at a reasonable price. It allows all kinds of customers to take our services. If someone wants to go for blinds without caring much about the price, we can supply such options as well. Overall, we serve all kinds of customers irrespective of their concerns about the cost of the material. 


If you want to buy blinds from us, make a phone call at +61 435635863 for a free quote. If you want to ask some questions from us, you can mail us at sales@spectrumblinds.com.au, and we will get back to you! 

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