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Australian Made Plantation Shutters Installed In 2 Weeks Installed Only.

Plantation Shutters


Plantation Shutters are very fashionable and smart coverings for windows. They are made up of high-quality material and very durable. Shutters are the perfect solution to block Australian harsh sun and hence an ideal choice for thermal insulation. Open the louvers to stream light into rooms & close to insulate, offering you a more energy-efficient home all year round. Shutters can transform the façade of your home. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, shutters will add sound insulation from outside road & traffic noise as well. They are low maintenance products which look extremely fantastic and operate wonderfully. Our shutters allow the blades to rotate using a hidden tilt rod, so that opening the blades gives a clear 180° unobstructed view. They are easy to use and clean. Plantation shutters are Child & Pet safe because they have no cords. They provide UV protection which is good for your skin, flooring, furnishings and furniture. There are two types of Plantation Shutters: PVC and Timber. PVC & Basswood Plantation Shutters – New generation PVC shutters are made from high-grade extruded Polyresin with Aluminum core which prevents the panels from sagging over time. Easy tilt Louvres are operated by hands. PVC Shutters offer the appearance of real timber, but with superior moisture tolerance. These shutters can go in any room and handle any climate because they are built to be resistant to moisture. This makes them easy to clean, and suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms. Our premium grade Basswood Shutters are a very popular and ideal option. Basswood is lightweight because it is a medium density timer. These shutters are crafted from the finest Basswood timber which is grown from sustainable tree plantations. These shutters are available in a variety of painted and stained colors.

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