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We Bring You Australia’s Finest Collection Of Australian Made Curtains At Lowest Price Ever!

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S Fold/ Wave Fold Curtains

Sheer Curtains

Sheer Curtains are lightweight fabrics which let the sunlight through your windows and glass doors but provide privacy. They drape delicately over your windows are very popular soft furnishing. Sheer curtains diffuse sunlight and soften your home. They are perfect to use on their own or with blackout curtains, blackout roller blinds or plantation shutters. Use Sheer Curtains to add a modern element of texture and movement. Add the illusion of height to a room and enhance the style of a room with our wide range of exceptional Australian made curtains with Australia’s leading fabric brands.

Blackout Curtains

As the name suggest, blackout curtains completely stops the light coming from outdoor. They offer excellent light control and privacy. Blackout curtains are great insulator all year around and hence saving you energy and money. They also help reducing outside noise levels. Our custom made curtains are available in different fabrics, style, colors and textures in accordance with your choice. Add value to your home with our elegant soft furnishings and accessories to suit your home décor.

Double Curtains

Double curtains create a well-designed and practical finish with combination of our blackout and sheer curtains together on the one window. Two separate curtain tracks are installed for two curtains and you have a choice of layering sheer at front or the blackout to suit your interior. Both curtains have separate control. Open the blackout curtain during the day and keep the sheer curtain closed for daytime privacy and for diffused light. Close the heavier curtain whenever you need maximum darkness, thermal protection, noise reduction and privacy at night.

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