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34 Brinsley Avenue Schofields 2762 NSW Australia

Zebra Blinds


Australian Made Zebra Blinds I Installed In 5 Days Only.

As the name suggests, these blinds are beautiful combination of two kind of fabrics in one blind. Enjoy your home any way you choose by complete control over your inside environment.

These unique designer combi blinds have all the features of roller blinds. It has two layers of sheer and solid striped fabric and users are able to fine tune the shielding effect with it. It provides a perfect solution when light and privacy control are important.

When sheer vanes are overlapped, light is filtered into the room through sheer sections. On the other hand, in the closed position, they diffuse all the incoming light, giving the room a beautiful and warm glow. It comes with a sleek and modern cassette which adds beauty to these blinds. An innovatively designed chain control allows you to control the level of incoming light. Choose from a wide range of sophisticated fabrics to match any style décor, and add a designer finish to your windows.

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