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We Bring You Australia’s Finest Collection Of Locally Manufactured Blinds.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds are a great alternative to expensive plantation shutters. They look extremely beautiful, functional, and easy to use. The blinds offer excellent privacy and light control. Venetian Blinds allow you to open and close the blades to any position and rotate the direction of sunlight throughout your room. Our Venetian Blinds can be recessed or face fitted, allowing the Blinds to be installed inside the window frame or on the architrave bordering the window. Venetian blinds are budget-friendly options very well suited for homes and offices. Our Venetian Blinds are available in three types, PVC, Timber, and Aluminum

Timber / Aluminum / PVC Venetian Blinds -

Our Timber Venetian Blinds add warmth and a timeless look fitting seamlessly into both modern and traditional homes. The blinds are made of real eco-friendly wood that gives a unique experience in any room. The blinds come with an elegant matching Pelmet so that the track and other components are hidden away. Aluminum Venetian Blinds are very sleek and can complement any interior space. This is also a perfect choice for wet areas like laundry and bathrooms. There are lots of neutral, metallic, and bright color options available to boost your interior.

PVC Venetian blinds have the look of Timber Blinds but at a more budget-conscious price. They are waterproof, which makes them an excellent choice for humid areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry. They’re capable of taking on the most challenging environments with ease.

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