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Custom Made Roller, Zebra, Panel, Vertical Blinds Made in Australis I Lead Time 5 Days Only.

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We Install Blinds
In 5 Days Only



Choose Spectrum Blinds For All Your Window Embellishments!

Getting the ideal home decor for your home means knowing what suits each room and being aware of what you really need. Rooms are intimate spaces we all love to decorate with beautiful items and accessories, enhancing the overall ambiance. Here, everything has to be nothing less than perfect, and thus you need to take care of small details, even those seemingly insignificant.

If you're planning to enhance your windows with top of the range blinds or roller blinds in Schofields, then Spectrum Blinds should be your first destination for all you need.

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Blend of Quality and Reasonable Price!!

When it comes to home decor or furnishings, it is vital to select the right materials to make everything beautiful, yet purposeful. It is best not to compromise on functionality or looks because having the appropriate decor is essential to create a theme for the room. The same goes for windows.


When customers come to us to select blinds or roller blinds, they need window coverings which are durable, reasonable, yet decorative enough to make their space look exquisite and welcoming.

In addition, clients also like to know how to maintain the blinds without much hassle. After considering the requirements of our clients, we will customise the products to match their needs for blinds and roller blinds in Schofields.


We are proud to say that everything available at Spectrum Blinds is made from quality materials meaning significant durability with low or easy maintenance. Hence, you can trust us for always providing quality materials at a reasonable price.


Variety For All

For us, every client is unique, and so is their home!! We respect the wishes of our customers and that’s why we offer different varieties of blinds. We stock a range of roller blinds that are easy to use and convenient. Additionally, we make double roller and single roller blinds for our clients. Apart from the options for blinds and roller blinds in Schofields, we offer picture blinds, panel blinds, roller shutters, etc, be it fabric, timber or plastic.


Even better, we're an Australian company which is geared to meet all the requirements of our customers.

Our team of specialists will speak to our customers to find out what they need before suggesting excellent alternatives  to match their budgets and preferred materials.

We focus on being client-centric and offer the best possible solutions to serve your requirements efficiently. Further, our team of experts provides free quotes for potential clients. If you wish to receive a free quote, contact us at 0470547770. Our team will offer you solutions that best suit your requirements of blinds and roller blinds in Schofields. If you wish to check other alternatives and need to visit us, please book an appointment at our store, which is open from 9am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. We are open on Saturdays, for appointments from 10am to 5pm.

You will be able to browse around for the best items for your  home in comfort and can call on our experts to help you choose the right blinds. They will also offer you free quotes.

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