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We Bring You Australia’s Finest Collection Of Locally Manufactured Blinds.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are an elegant and practical way to dress up the windows in your room. They are affordable, hassle-free, and let in only as much light as you want. Beautiful vertical blinds give the area a luxuriously classic look and complete light and privacy control with the ability to rotate the direction of sunlight throughout your room. Vertical blinds are versatile and ideal for large windows with long drops or wide widths. According to the window layout, the stack can be in center, left, right, or at both ends. You can choose between 89mm and 127mm blade widths, both sizes ensure a minimal stack back allowing you to maximize your views and natural light.

Vertical Blinds can be recess Fit (Inside the window frame) or face fitted (On top of architrave). Our vertical track System has been designed to enhance the efficiency and functionality of our Vertical Blinds. The blade alignment mechanism in the slat travelers is made in a way that vanes are equally spaced. It ensures smooth operation even on the largest blinds.

Our modern vertical blinds have chainless bottom width which is extremely safe and ensures a neat appearance and require low maintenance.

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