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Blinds Leppington

Window Blinds For Sale - Zebra Blinds, Roller Blinds Supplier In Leppington

Gone are those days when blinds were seen merely as coverings for your windows. Nowadays, you can pretty much give a fresh look to your interiors with the installation of unique and stylish blinds. And what’s more? You don’t have to pay a premium to get these window coverings for your home decoration plans. Spectrum Blinds is one such place that supplies high-quality blinds, curtains and plantation shutters in Leppington, Sydney.

So, it doesn’t matter if you love zebra blinds or Venetian blinds, or the media blinds that deliver total blackout inside the room. Spectrum Blinds has a massive stock of ready-made window blinds ready to be shipped. Besides, you can always order custom window coverings if you prefer something out of the box.


Buy Window Blinds and Curtains Online

The market is filled with all sorts of window coverings, making it difficult to choose the ideal product for your home. But don’t you worry, as Spectrum Blinds is here to take care of everything. Whether you want a new blind for your living room, bedroom or utility room, we have great products in store. More importantly, we have amazing offers in store for customers in Leppington, Sydney. 


At Spectrum Blinds, we never leave any room for complaints. Be it the quality of our product or the installation service. Our team works diligently to complete every undertaking on time and per our client’s expectations. You will always receive premium quality window blinds when you sign up with Spectrum Blinds in Leppington! 


Just connect with our number and set the ball rolling. Our sales team would love to have a discussion with you about window treatments! 

Irresistible Collection, Exclusively Available At Spectrum Blinds

Let your imagination run wild as Spectrum Blinds brings an extensive range of top-quality window coverings for sale. Every individual has their taste and preference when it comes to window blinds. So why should you go to a store that lacks variety and quality? Come to Spectrum Blinds as we have a vast designer collection of window treatments, including curtains, blinds and plantation shutters.

Here are some of the window blinds we have lined up for you in Leppington, Sydney! 


  • Venetian Blinds: You will see these horizontal slats almost everywhere as they are the most popular choice for window blinds. And we have lots of designs and colour options in this category. 


  • Roller Blinds: As the name suggests, you can roll these blinds up or down with the help of a cord. This is the perfect choice if you want a window covering for your kitchen.

  • Vertical Blinds: Although these window coverings are generally seen in an office, people are now installing them in their homes as well. Spectrum Blinds can show great designs if this particular type of window covering is your choice! 


  • Media Blinds: Over the past several years, the home entertainment industry has grown exponentially. People nowadays prefer watching their favourite movies or TV shows inside their homes instead of going to cinemas. So why not buy our media blinds for a complete blackout in your entertainment room? We have lots of stylish options if you are interested! 


Why Come To Spectrum Blinds?


  • 100% Australian-owned company. 

  • Factory Direct - Wholesale Rates 

  • Quick Turnaround - Installation Within 2 Weeks

  • Extensive Collections Of Blinds, Plantation Shutters & Curtains

  • 50% Off On Window Curtains and Blinds.  

  • Branded Windows Blinds For Sale 

  • 5 Years Warranty 


Call us today!

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