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Curtains Penrith

Curtains and Blinds For Sale - Sheer Curtains Supplier In Penrith

It must be said - window treatments have become an essential part of interior designs. Not only do they look fabulous on the walls when placed right, but they have many other benefits as well. Whether you are a fan of curtains or you simply prefer blinds when it comes to window coverings, we know just the place to buy these products for your home. Spectrum Blinds offers premium quality curtains and blinds in Penrith. Be it a ready-made window covering or something that’s custom-ordered. We can supply them all! 

So, what type of blinds do you prefer in your home? Be it roller blinds, vertical blinds, zebra blinds or Venetian blinds. Spectrum Blinds is your number one supplier for curtains and blinds. Besides, we offer huge discounts on various products that are available for sale!

Grab these exciting deals and take home your window coverings today! Spectrum Blinds cannot wait to see you around! 

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Premium Curtains Galore, Exclusively At Spectrum Blinds

Curtains are a fabulous choice for your living room and bedrooms. Be it sheer curtains or blackout curtains; we have them all. You can pick the most suitable design and colour pattern from our vast collection. Or perhaps, you can custom order them to fit your window frames perfectly. Everything goes as far as window treatments are concerned here at Spectrum Blinds


  • Sheer Curtains For Sale

  • Blackout Curtains For Sale  

  • Double Curtains For Sale 


Sheer curtains are a timeless choice for families that want style, privacy and light control in their homes at all times. So why not buy them for your Penrith home today from Spectrum Blinds? We will love to give you a free quote for our sheer curtains and other window covering solutions! 

Window Blinds Supplier In Penrith


You must have seen the vertical or horizontal slats made up of plastic or metal in your neighbour’s home. Don’t they look simply sublime and premium? Spectrum Blinds can manufacture custom-made blinds for your window coverings. Or if you want, we can show you some ready-made designs for blinds and curtains. Either way, it works for us!

  • Roller Blinds

  • Zebra Blinds

  • Panel Blinds

  • Vertical Blinds

  • Venetians Blinds

  • Media Blinds

  • Picture Blinds

  • Roller Shade

  • Roller Curtains


Our blinds are easy to manoeuvre and hence, loved by thousands of people across NSW. Window blinds offer fantastic light control, energy efficiency and ease of maintenance wherever you install them. Just tell our sales team your requirements, and we will have them manufactured for you. 


Spectrum Blinds Making All The Difference 

Get the most stylish window coverings for your home, and that too without paying anything extra. Spectrum Blinds has a stock of beautiful curtains and blinds for sale. You don’t have to go anywhere else when there’s a requirement for curtains and blinds in your home. Simply head to our sales office or talk to one of our sales executives on the phone and get the ball rolling. 

  • Australia’s Finest Collection Of Window Treatments

  • Installation Of Custom-made Curtains, Shutters & Blinds In Just 2 Weeks. 

  • We Are A Fully Australian-owned Company! 

  • Get 50% Off On Our Curtains and Blinds.

  • You Can Buy Blinds, Shutters & Curtains From Australia’s Leading Brands  

Call us now, or pay a visit to our office today!

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