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Plantation Shutters Kellyville

The Plantation Shutter We Have Got to Offer to You

Are you interested in purchasing plantation shutters in Kellyville? If you haven't found the right firm to do the job for you, it is about time you give us ahead. We at Spectrum Blinds can offer you superlative services and fit your needs exactly your way. If we talk about shutters, they are currently very much in fashion. It has got a lot to do with all of its amazing advantages. The fact that they are functional and fashionable at the same point in time should be enough to persuade you to purchase them for yourself. We have got three major types of plantation shutters available for you. Let's look at them here below: 


  • The first type of plantation shutters that we have got to offer to you are PVC shutters. As you would know about PVC, it offers you the look of actual timber. But it is even better when we talk about its moisture tolerance. The best part about using these shutters is that they can fit in well to any given climate around you. You can also have it in your bathrooms as it will suit you well in that place. If you have us at Spectrum Blinds to install it at your place in Kellyville, you shouldn't be worried about anything. 

  • The next option that we have for you is basswood shutters. One of the basic features of this material is that it is lightweight. It has got a lot to do with the fact that it is medium density timber. Such plantation shutters are made up of the finest basswood timber, especially when you purchase them from us. We make it available in different paints and colours too. So if you have a particular preference regarding paints and colours, there's a high chance that our shutters suit such a preference completely. 

  • The next type of shutter that is available with us is the paulownia shutters. If you have seen the pattern of paulownia trees, you would know that it is quite ravishing. We bring the same looks in place for plantation shutters as well. Just like basswood, it is lightweight and has got a great inflexibility that prevents the part from easily breaking. We will make sure that the installation part of such shutters is brought to perfection, and you get something that satisfies your needs completely in Kellyville. 

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Why Select Our Services? 

  • There are multiple reasons why you should consider Spectrum Blinds as your first option when thinking about the installation of plantation shutters. Here are some of the major reasons: 

  • We offer 100% quality to you. So no matter if you choose PVC or basswood material from us, you can be sure of the fact that it will provide you maximum quality. On top of that, we will install it in such a way that the material is not hampered in any way. 

  • We provide major discounts on our services. So if you intend to purchase plantation shutters but don't know if you can pay the required price, you must wait for the time our discount offers take over. There are times when we will make the products available at a low price, so you better watch out for our services. 

  • As far as plantation shutters are concerned, we make them available in different paints and stained colours. So you look at your room and choose the exact colour that wouldn't hamper its appearance in any way. 

Want to get a free quote? Call us at +61 435635863 right now, and we will reach out to you. If you prefer mailing us, send it at sales@spectrumblinds.com.au!

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