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Plantation Shutters Rouse Hill 

Plantation Shutters For Your Home - Window Shutters Supplier In Rouse Hill

Plantation shutters are quickly becoming the favourite choice among homeowners across Rouse Hill, Sydney. These window treatments supply cost-effective benefits, look splendid enough and are available in multiple materials. Timber and PVC materials are an excellent choice for anyone that wishes to install plantation shutters in their home. So, where should you go to buy these fantastic window treatment options? We can answer this question!

Come to Spectrum Blinds if you need plantation shutter supply in Rouse Hill. We have some great options in store for your window treatment requirements. Whether you have a low budget for plantation shutters or you have custom design needs, we can always provide you with some exceptional solutions! 

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Spectrum Blinds - Stylish Plantation Shutters For Your Home

It’s always nice to have good options before you, aren’t it? Well, Spectrum Blinds gives you precisely that, especially if you are looking for some decent plantation shutters. When it comes to window coverings supply and installation, we come second to none. Our company has ties with the leading manufacturers of plantation shutters, blinds and curtains in Australia. So, you will always get the best quality products from Spectrum Blinds.


Our customers have three options to choose from for their home interior plantation shutters. 


PVC Plantation Shutters: Vinyl material offers excellent resistance to scratches, humidity and water. More importantly, these shutters are a cheaper choice compared to timber plantation shutters. Thus, if you are wandering in the market for a more affordable yet durable window treatment, you should pick PVC plantation shutters! 

Basswood Plantation Shutters: Considered a strong timber material, basswood plantation shutters offer tremendous stability and weigh incredibly light. So, if you are willing to spend a little extra on a high-quality window treatment, then you can go for this particular material. 


Paulownia Shutters: Another hardwood material that we have in our catalogue, Paulownia hardwood, is soft and has a coarse, uneven texture. It offers the highest ratio of strengths to weight when considering timber wood plantation shutters. Thanks to the abundance of paulownia in nature, it’s readily available in the market. Thus, making it a much cheaper way than the earlier entry in this list!

We know it’s difficult to pick one of these fantastic window treatment options for your Rouse Hill property. But you don’t have to worry. Spectrum Blinds is here to help you. You can call us and ask all there is to know about the several types of plantation shutters in the market.

Our sales team will be happy to help you around!

Why Buy From Spectrum Blinds?

We are happy to hear that you have decided to go with plantation shutters. And let us remind you there’s no better place than Spectrum Blinds for window treatments in Rouse Hill. Be it curtains, blinds or plantation shutters. We will give you offers that are simply irresistible. So, hear us out! 

Custom Made: If you have specific requirements regarding your window treatments, we can always custom manufacture the shutters accordingly. Just talk to our sales team and tell us what size, colour or pattern you want in your plantation shutters. 


Quick Installation: Spectrum Blinds has a fast turnaround policy for all customers. You can expect the installation of your new plantation shutters to be completed within two weeks from the date of purchase. 


Huge Discounts: You don’t have to empty your pockets when buying window plantation shutters from Spectrum Blinds. Our prices are reasonable, and besides, you get 25% off on plantation shutter window coverings in Rouse Hill. 


Enquire Now!

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